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all photos: Julia Benton

3 months a go, in January, Victoria Milko threw a little POLAROID photo show and everyone and their mother showed up to wallow in nostalgia of lost technology and see everyone they knew, in one place.  Now, in April, the second installment of the POLAROID RETROSPECTIVE series took place, this time @ Lamont Bishop gallery and included the following folks’ works: Kim Oberski, Angela Kleis, Ryan Kibler, Joshua Yospyn, Dan Murano, Guiseppe Molinario, Justin Violini, Ada Rose Bitterbaum, Sarah Stierch, Konstantinos Kissas, Duncan Ris, Ramune Rastonis, Jodi McKee, Azuree Wiitala, Aya Sato, Maria Bryk, Justin John, Lisa McCarty, Eric Wayne, Rachel Carrier, Gail Vollrath, Jillian Pichocki, Candice Welsh, Alan Campbell, Karima Selehdar, Sergio Herrera, Jati, Glenann Godden and Eric Kemp.

Hundreds of people showed up AGAIN. Congratulations you all.

The show is open through April 30th. Go see it: http://lamontbishop.com/

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