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All photos by Bradley

According to legend, God spent six days fashioning the heavens and earth, filling the seas with fish, the land with animals and the empty halls of Barney’s with Adam and Steve. On Sunday, Girl got tired and decided it was time for a cocktail. And so to mark this momentous occasion, Pocket Gays Brett and Devon have started a new, monthly party – Sunday School – at the well known U Street watering hole Local 16.

The First Sunday School-28 The First Sunday School-30

Pocket Gays, as the name may suggest, are small enough to fit in your pocket. They’re always causing mischief, thus requiring a firm hand. On this particular sunny Sunday, discipline was doled out in the form of yardsticks, detention slips and 3 foot tall signs exhorting “You must be this short to ride.”

The First Sunday School-53 The First Sunday School-13 The First Sunday School-54

This first day of Sunday School attracted a church busload of gays, lesbians and other riff raff – both pocket-sized and “original” – to crowd the usually popped-collar-filled roofdeck of Local 16. Upon entry, each guest was provided with a picture of a pocket. If you found your pocket match, you were rewarded with a free shot, as well as the benefit of meeting a new friend or future lover. Earlybirds were treated to delicious chicken, a mix of tunes prepared by DJ Cold Case (Beat Market @ Rock N Roll Hotel), and the sight of Devon walking around with an attendance clipboard and ruler with which to whap people. Let’s face it: every Sunday School needs a fabulous yet stern head mistress.

The First Sunday School-4

Although Brett had assured Johnny Weir and his people that his attendance at Sunday School “would no way imply that he was… short,” the pocket Olympian failed to make an appearance. No matter. The tunes spun by DJ TMY (Maison @ Napoleon), raffle prizes, happy hour specials, heavenly weather and hot Pockets were enough to keep everyone entertained and irreverent throughout the afternoon and into evening. Just in time for all the good little gays and lezzies to say a bedtime prayer: Lord I lay me down to sleep and pray a Pocket Gay to meet. I want the smallest you can make, but the largest I can take. If you know what I’m sayin’, Lord. Amen.

The First Sunday School-48 The First Sunday School-40

The First Sunday School-29 The First Sunday School-25

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