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all photos: Max Cook

Last week, Textile Museum and Pinkline Project partnered up for a special Mad Men/Mod themed happy hour to celebrate the current “Art by the Yard” show which celebrates fabric work by women in mid-century Britain. Proving once again that DC people love dressing up when given the opportunity, everyone turned up in their tea time best.

Enjoy the photos:

_MG_2871.jpg _MG_2816.jpg _MG_2816.jpg _MG_2884.jpg _X0D8243.jpg _X0D8245.jpg _X0D8277.jpg _X0D8275.jpg _X0D8267.jpg _X0D8310.jpg _X0D8303.jpg _X0D8301.jpg _X0D8326.jpg _MG_2901.jpg _X0D8332.jpg _X0D8315.jpg _X0D8346.jpg _X0D8348.jpg _X0D8359.jpg _X0D8257.jpg _X0D8217.jpg _X0D8206.jpg _X0D8586.jpg _X0D8373.jpg _X0D8374.jpg _MG_2896.jpg