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all photos: Franz Mahr

To celebrate the opening days of The Phillips Collection’s fall exhibition Degas’s Dancers at the Barre: Point and Counterpoint and The Washington Ballet’s season opener, The Great Gatsby, the two institutions partnered up in Dupont Circle for a unique weekend dance event featuring Dancers from The Washington Ballet, The Washington School of Ballet, and friends, family, and community dancers, dancing to the music of:

  • “Happy Feet”–Milton Ager and Jack Yellen (Dance adapted from The Washington Ballet’s The Great Gatsby)
  • (Disco Remix): “Le Freak”–Chic, “Shout”–Michael Jackson, “The Last Dance”–Donna Summer
  • “Working Day and Night”–Michael Jackson
  • “Charleston”–James P. Johnson and Cecil Mack (Dance adapted from The Washington Ballet’s The Great Gatsby)
  • “The Can-Can”

Franz was around to capture the magic, but if you missed it, don’t miss Phillips After 5 tomorrow night which will feature another Washington Ballet/Phillips collaboration.

DanceAtDupont151026 DanceAtDupont151037 DanceAtDupont151110 DanceAtDupont151124 DanceAtDupont152032 DanceAtDupont152040 DanceAtDupont151218 DanceAtDupont151241 DanceAtDupont151326 DanceAtDupont152041 DanceAtDupont152042 DanceAtDupont151333 DanceAtDupont151410 DanceAtDupont151510 DanceAtDupont151636 DanceAtDupont151730 DanceAtDupont152140 DanceAtDupont152206 DanceAtDupont152216 DanceAtDupont152648 DanceAtDupont152743 DanceAtDupont152915 DanceAtDupont153203 DanceAtDupont153224 DanceAtDupont153249