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All photos by: Denis Largeron and Jaime Panaia.

At a time when gay and lesbian clubs are closing all over the country (strangely enough, a sign of progress to some now that we’re encouraged to have our own nights at “straight” spots), the opening of a big ol’ lesbian night club is especially rare. So rare, in fact, it might be compared to witnessing the birth of a liger or a Nationals winning season.

But Phase 1 has beaten the odds time and again to not only reach its 41st birthday, but to spawn off a Phase 1 Dupont (housed in what was formerly Apex) for all the queer gals yearning for a full-time dance option of their own in the heart of DC’s gayborhood. And they do it bigger and badder than anyone. In what is rumored to be the biggest lesbian club on the east coast, DJ Rosie and Natty Boom kicked off a new era in DC gay nightlife… where the ladies rule. You might not believe us. You might say it’s not possible. Or it’s too good to be true. But we have the photos to prove it:

2012-02-10_phaseone_003 2012-02-10_phaseone_009 2012-02-10_phaseone_029 2012-02-10_phaseone_053 2012-02-10_phaseone_064 2012-02-10_phaseone_073 2012-02-10_phaseone_074 2012-02-10_phaseone_077 2012-02-10_phaseone_080 2012-02-10_phaseone_081 2012-02-10_phaseone_084 2012-02-10_phaseone_091 2012-02-10_phaseone2_006 2012-02-10_phaseone2_011 2012-02-10_phaseone2_016 2012-02-10_phaseone2_026 2012-02-10_phaseone2_031 2012-02-10_phaseone2_038 2012-02-10_phaseone2_041 2012-02-10_phaseone2_041 2012-02-10_phaseone2_098 2012-02-10_phaseone2_100 2012-02-11_phaseone2_111 2012-02-11_phaseone2_123 2012-02-11_phaseone2_125 2012-02-11_phaseone2_127 2012-02-11_phaseone2_135 2012-02-11_phaseone2_158 2012-02-11_phaseone2_168 2012-02-11_phaseone2_179 2012-02-11_phaseone2_189 2012-02-11_phaseone2_192 2012-02-11_phaseone2_200 2012-02-11_phaseone2_245 2012-02-11_phaseone2_263 2012-02-11_phaseone2_265 2012-02-11_phaseone2_271 2012-02-11_phaseone2_272 2012-02-11_phaseone2_273 2012-02-11_phaseone2_279 2012-02-11_phaseone2_280 2012-02-11_phaseone2_295 2012-02-11_phaseone2_302 2012-02-11_phaseone2_319 2012-02-11_phaseone2_308 2012-02-11_phaseone2_306 2012-02-11_phaseone2_342 2012-02-11_phaseone2_371 2012-02-11_phaseone2_387 2012-02-11_phaseone2_390 2012-02-11_phaseone2_417 2012-02-11_phaseone2_419 2012-02-11_phaseone2_421 2012-02-11_phaseone2_427 2012-02-11_phaseone2_432 2012-02-11_phaseone2_438 2012-02-11_phaseone2_453 2012-02-11_phaseone2_464 2012-02-11_phaseone2_468 2012-02-11_phaseone2_477 2012-02-11_phaseone2_478 2012-02-11_phaseone2_480 2012-02-11_phaseone2_481 2012-02-11_phaseone2_484 2012-02-11_phaseone2_492 2012-02-11_phaseone2_496 2012-02-11_phaseone2_500 2012-02-11_phaseone2_504 2012-02-11_phaseone2_511 2012-02-11_phaseone2_520

and some more by Jaime:

PhaseOneDupont-021112-01 PhaseOneDupont-021112-05 PhaseOneDupont-021112-04 PhaseOneDupont-021112-06 PhaseOneDupont-021112-08 PhaseOneDupont-021112-07 PhaseOneDupont-021112-11 PhaseOneDupont-021112-12 PhaseOneDupont-021112-17 PhaseOneDupont-021112-18 PhaseOneDupont-021112-19 PhaseOneDupont-021112-20 PhaseOneDupont-021112-23 PhaseOneDupont-021112-24 PhaseOneDupont-021112-21