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all photos: Franz Mahr

In case you missed the memo (and the one million glossy ads all over every October magazine issue to land on your doorstep), Pharrell Williams busted into the “celebrities-with-liquor-brands” scene with QREAM, a liqueur “fit for a queen and her court of friends.” QREAM (with a Q) comes in 2 flavors as of right now: strawberry creme and peach creme and is intended to be consumed in cocktails, on the rocks, in cupcakes and beyond.

Anyhoo, this past Friday Washington Life Magazine & Diageo hosted a big kick off for the brand at DC’s DECATUR HOUSE. Adrian Loving DJ-ed, Pharrell AND Chuck Brown were in the same room, and let’s face it, this was all about the people watching–so people watch!

Qream211312 Qream203541 Qream222042 Qream222758 Qream205300 Qream205703 Qream222934 Qream231400 Qream210642 Qream210724 Qream210859 Qream211046 Qream211110 Qream211142 Qream211551 Qream211709 Qream211941 Qream212136 Qream212340 Qream212430 Qream212710 Qream213003 Qream213840 Qream213920 Qream214023 Qream214223 Qream214350 Qream214554 Qream215049 Qream215908 Qream220057 Qream220410 Qream220608 Qream221038 Qream222026 Qream222447 Qream222524 Qream222853 Qream223057 Qream223654 Qream223736 Qream224005 Qream224032 Qream224130 Qream224149 Qream224315 Qream224406 Qream224442 Qream224627 Qream224718 Qream224802 Qream225911 Qream225918 Qream225922 Qream230038 Qream230100 Qream230340 Qream230458 Qream230528 Qream230701 Qream230859 Qream231016 Qream231251 Qream231312 Qream231431 Qream231553 Qream231624 Qream231632