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all photos: Julia Benton

This past Monday, the ever plucky Irish cultural cheerleader in DC, Solas Nua brought us an exclusive night of Irish (naturally) couture including a salon runway show, a Champagne reception and trunkshow where you will have exclusive access to one of a kind designs, and a performance by music icon and fashion muse, Julie Feeney (always adorable, always so very immaculately turned out).
Designers featured in the show included: Eilis Boyle, who was named as one of the six best young designers by the Irish Times in 2009 and who recently won the prestigous brown thomas designer award, Emma Manley, who worked in NYC for VPL, and then in London with Alexander McQueen until his death, at which time she retuned home to Dublin to launch her own line, Sharon Costello Desmond, personal couturier to Julie Feeney and designer of her infamous pages dress, Yvonne Beale, whose designs have been featured in the Irish Independent and have been selected for fashion photographer Agata Stoinska’s adornment project, as well as LSAD graduates Katarzyna Wypych and Orla O’Connor and NCAD graduate, Deirdre Williams who is currently in New York with Rag & Bone.

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