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All photos: Bradley

If you build it, they will come. Sure, this originally applied to something about Kevin Costner and baseball fields and mysterious whispers, but last Sunday the Ladies’ Tea Dance proved that, when it comes to parties, if you throw it, they will jam.

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The DC scene’s got a lot to offer: parties, jams, dranks, and music, but there’s one question that’s been left tragically unanswered: Where the girls at?

Answering that question has proven less than easy, with the DC girlscene consisting mainly of a few – though notable – bars, a smattering of ladies’ nights, and that girl you met at your ex-girlfriend’s new girlfriend’s college best friend’s party. But the organizers of Sunday’s event proved that it’s not quite easy, it’s Overeasy –  all we really need is a place and a time, and we’re there.


The product of a collaboration between friends/conspirators/prominent DC queer girls, Overeasy was inspired by the San Francisco ladies’ tea dances, where the queer ladies of the Bay Area gathered on Sunday afternoons to socialize, discuss, dance, and drank. Because if boys are allowed to be boys, and ladies have to be ‘ladies,’ then we might as well have fun with it, right? And, as we know, among other things this means: live every hour like it’s happy hour.

Traditionally, the West Coast Dances take place outdoors, what with all the perfect weather and such, but in true DC style, we prefer it in the bars. Far from the book-balancing etiquette that the event’s name implies, this DC dance party took place at Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar, an inconspicuous H Street spot that’s pure rock ‘n’ roll. Dark purple tinged with gold served as the backdrop for vintage concert posters and the swank and studded DJ booth. And, in going with the Baroque French décor (because what’s more rock ‘n’ roll than Louis XIV?), the fleur-de-lis has never looked so good.

Overeasy-39 Overeasy-37 Overeasy-25

Not down to get down? It’s cool. Miss Whiskey’s also featured an outdoor chill space, a mix of a patio/garden/home to golden lion fountains where there was conversation to be had over…tea. It was a nice break from old habits like shout-asking that girl at the bar if she wants to step onto the sidewalk for a cigarette. Because, let’s face it, it’s always a little classier to invite a lady down for a chat in a wrought iron garden chair.

The event proved a success, as evidenced by the following chart:

On the x axis, we have number of giant mimosas/bloody marys consumed. On the y axis, we have the rate of jammin’ to tunes. As we can see, the graph already starts well above 1 (Point A) as DJs DJ’s vAnniety kills and Staylo were already busy spinning tight beats etc. for everyone to get down to. The graph then hits a sharp incline (point B), as everyone is immediately stoked to see so many fly ladies in one place, and then plateaus (point C), as everyone is like “Wow, this party really couldn’t get any better, what more could you want than veggie burgers and Colt 45s?” You will notice that the graph branches off (point D), where the upper line leads to just having the best damn time, and the lower line leads to accidentally falling down the Whiskey’s stairs.

Overeasy-9 Overeasy-11 Overeasy-18

Either way, we’re glad you came. Because, DC ladies, we know you’re busy. We know you’ve got things to do like looking tough when rolling with your posse, daytiming in public policy, or hiding in your girlfriend’s apartment, but listen: come on out because we want to get down.

Why? Because we like to have a good time, and we like each other, and we like to have a good time with each other. Maybe ‘where the girls at’ isn’t such a huge question at all. We’re right here, and we’re waiting for the next Tea Dance.

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