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photos by: Nicholas Karlin, Clarissa Villondo, Franz Mahr, Ike Hayman

The Bentzen Ball is here and it’s happening! We kicked off the best weekend of the year with two killer shows featuring Maria Bamford and Los Espookys. It was a treat for our ears and a delight for our hearts. Scroll down and revel in the magic that was night one and don’t forget to grab your tickets for the rest of the weekend. It’s the Bentzen Ball’s 10th anniversary and there’s no one we’d rather celebrate with than you.

We’ll let you enjoy the photos below (backstage, sidestage, after-stage and whatnot snaps are included) but first some quick notes:

  • Thank you all for coming!!!!
  • You should all come ALL THE OTHER NIGHTS TOO (trust us, you don’t want to miss all the magic).
  • Thank you to all our amazing talent last night: Maria Bamford, Jackie Kashian, Julio Torres, Ana Fabrega, Greta Titelman and Lorelei Ramirez.
  • Thank you to World Central Kitchen for being our non-profit partners and for everything you do.
  • Thank you to Events DC for co-presenting our Lincoln Theater shows and for keeping the Bentzen Ball dream alive! Don’t forget to grab your tickets to our D.C. Comedy Homecoming show (presented by Events DC!) this Saturday.
  • Thank you to Lyft for getting us around town! $1 from every ride at Lincoln Theatre shows will be donated to World Central Kitchen, so use that app!
  • Thank you to Smirnoff and Captain Morgan for being the official cocktail partners of the Bentzen Ball! You’re keeping us going on the daily.
  • Thank you to ArchipelagoBrixtonCloak & Dagger and Nellie’s for being our official Bentzen Bars! Order the special Bentzen Ball cocktails this weekend and $1 from your drink will be donated to World Central Kitchen.
  • Thank you to W Hotel DC for keeping us well rested and inspiring us always.
  • Thank you to Stitcher for being our favorite podcast platform forever.
  • Thanks to Sweetgreen and Girls Night In for being lovely and supporting the festival.
  • Follow us on follow us on FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM and use #BentzenBall and #BYThings ALL THE TIME.
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you forever.

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Jackie KashianJackie Kashian2019-10-24 Los Espookys Live-Nicholas Karlin-042-0378Maria BamfordMaria BamfordMaria BamfordMaria BamfordLos EspookysLos EspookysLos Espookys2019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-003-0029Los EspookysLos EspookysLos Espookys2019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-019-18752019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-020-0152Los Espookys2019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-018-18622019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-017-18532019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-021-01682019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-008-00882019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-007-17722019-10-24 Los Espookys Live-Nicholas Karlin-077-21702019-10-24 Los Espookys Live-Nicholas Karlin-079-21722019-10-24 Los Espookys Live-Nicholas Karlin-062-21552019-10-24 Los Espookys Live-Nicholas Karlin-060-21532019-10-24 Los Espookys Live-Nicholas Karlin-056-21492019-10-24 Los Espookys Live-Nicholas Karlin-051-21442019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-022-19082019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-023-01712019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-024-01902019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-025-19322019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-026-19342019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-027-1939Los Espookys2019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-011-01122019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-010-00922019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-028-19442019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-030-19722019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-029-0222Los Espookys2019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-035-20452019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-033-02412019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-034-20212019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-016-18392019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-015-18302019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-014-01382019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-009-17922019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-006-17662019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-004-00372019-10-24_An Evening With Maria Bamford_Nicholas Karlin-001-99932019-10-24 Los Espookys Live-Nicholas Karlin-040-0376102519_Bentzen_Los Espookys_249_HI_F102519_Bentzen_Los Espookys_223_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_197_HI_F102519_Bentzen_Los Espookys_214_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_026-2_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_024-2_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_180_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_157-2_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_154_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_151-2_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_147-2_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_142_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_139_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_136_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_134-2_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_125-2_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_121-2_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_190_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_189-2_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_118-2_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_108-2_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_098_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_095_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_089_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_088-2_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_083-2_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_084-3_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_078-3_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_071-4_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_070_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_062-3_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_062_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_060-5_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_052-3_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_051-2_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_050_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_047-3_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_045-2_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_045_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_042-2_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_038-4_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_037-4_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_035-2_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_035_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_028-2_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_020-6_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_020-3_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_012-4_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_011-6_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_001-6_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_007-4_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_009-5_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_010-2_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_021-2_HI_F2019-10-24 Los Espookys Live-Nicholas Karlin-030-03662019-10-24 Los Espookys Live-Nicholas Karlin-034-03702019-10-24 Los Espookys Live-Nicholas Karlin-011-0351Maria Bamford102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_066_HI_F102419_Bentzen_Los Espookys_019_HI_F