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Photos by Clarissa Villondo

Summer in D.C. means a lot of different things. Yes, it means tourists and Metro problems and crippling heat, but it also means Ft. Reno and outdoor movies. Last night, we teamed up with our favorite outdoorsy store, REI, to screen one of our favorite movies O Brother Where Art Thou?  We also invited some of our favorite local bands (like King Street Bluegrass and Johnny Grave) delicious food trucks, a bus full of vintage clothing, and our good friends at OM Digital to partake in the fun.

Did you have a fun time taking silly photos and hanging out with all the adorable dogs that showed up? Then you should come to our screening the classic film E.T. with REI next Wednesday. If you like good things that are fun then you will have a good time. If you don’t come then we’re definitely not friends anymore.

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