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Cat Camp, or Comic Con for cat people, took place in NYC this past weekend, and featured an impressive lineup of cat world celebs like Kitten Lady, Jackson Galaxy, Lil Bub and more. In addition to panels and meet ‘n greets, the convention showcased a variety of cat merch (cat beds, cat apparel, CAT WINE) and adoptable cats to melt ALL of the hearts.

Founded by Christina Ha of Macaron Parlour and Meow Parlour (where we once interviewed Lena Fayre during CMJ), Cat Camp’s main aim is to bring together cat enthusiasts for fun times AND to foster discussions about problems facing felines today. Judging by the amount of people that turned up (some even brought their own cats along), this looks like it’ll be a long-running yearly event! Until next time, here are a few photos and GIFs recapping all the action: