PHOTOS: NOW! at Night @ The Corcoran
svetlana | Oct 4, 2010 | 10:35AM |

all photos: Kimberly Cadena
brief words: Svetlana

The Fall Fete is dead! Long live NOW! at Night!

This past Friday, Corcoran celebrate the launch of their new contemporary gallery, NOW at the Corcoran (currently on show is it’s inaugural exhibit: Spencer Finch’s “My Business, With the Cloud”).

The evening, which is to replace the Fall Fete as the Gallery’s autumnal soiree (Artini is the springtime tradition) was a splashy, electric blue accented affair (you know, to go with the Cloud) and included DJ sets by ESL Music, very delicious specialty drinks inspired by the artwork and shaken by cherubic looking Eastern European cocktail staff (my personal favorite was the gin basil combo),  a cocktail and dessert buffet (perfectly presented on lit up blue panels throughout the great hall), dancing, romancing and private viewings of the new and permanent installations of modern and contemporary art, with proceeds benefiting future NOW exhibitions.

The crowd seemed, if I dare say so, a little more contemporary than usual, with a lot of independent arts fixtures floating around in their Friday night best. For those into namedropping or playing “where’s Waldo” with party photos (and who isn’t? I mean, really?) we spotted (and we’re probably going to miss a bunch): Theo Adamstein of DC Fotoweek, Pranav Vora or Hugh & Crye,  the lovely ladies of DC Comission on Arts and Humanities, Holly Thomas of Washington Post’s Magazine, Paul Thornley of US Royalty, the ReadySetDC’s Jordan Culberson, Pink Line’s Philippa Hughes (don’t forget, BURST! is this weekend) Robin Bell, Transformer’s Victoria Reis, Going Out Gurus’ Fritz Hahn, Washington Life’s Michael Clements,  Civilian Art Projects’ Jayme McLellan, Matthew Hemerlein & Chris Nitti, Hamiltonian’s Jacqueline Ionita, and of course, Corcoran’s very own Kristin Guiter (in a shock of electric blue mini dess magic) and Rachel Cothran.

+ so many photographers you can probably spend all of today cruising the internet looking at NOW! at night photos.

But-let us kick you off with these amazing shots by Kimberly:

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and a couple more from Ben Droz:

NOW Corchran bendroz (91) NOW Corchran bendroz (68) NOW Corchran bendroz (51) NOW Corchran bendroz (39) NOW Corchran bendroz (23) NOW Corchran bendroz (13) NOW Corchran bendroz (13) NOW Corchran bendroz (37) NOW Corchran bendroz (23)