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I had a GREAT time at New York Comic Con this past weekend, which is cool, because sometimes that doesn’t happen! The madness raged for a full four days, and despite the semi-torrential downpours of Saturday and Sunday, spirits could not be dampened; there were plenty of rad cosplayers afoot representing characters that ranged from Darth Vadar to Princess Bubblegum to Bob Ross. (Nerd diversity at its finest!)

Now, this was not my first time at the rodeo (this was), so I came prepared with all of the smuggled snacks (because I refuse to pay Javits Center prices for soft pretzels and hot dogs) and all of the deodorant (because when it comes to marathon days in close quarters, you just shouldn’t take chances re: armpits), and basically I just set out exploring Nerd Country for what I estimate to be a collective total of twenty-four hours.

I didn’t spend too much time examining the merch that was for sale like I did semi-begrudgingly last time, though I did make plenty of laps on the showroom floor to scout creative, photo-worthy costumes, the best of which you can peruse below via traditional snapshots and/or video + GIFs. When I wasn’t taking pictures or video, I was sitting in on a couple of press round-tables // stay tuned for recaps of those tomorrow and Wednesday if you’re a fan of Steven Universe or The Regular Show (I got to be near Rebecca Sugar and Charlyne Yi and JG Quintel, which was p. dope) OR if you think Sweet/Vicious, a new MTV show about sorority girls who anonymously avenge victims of sexual assault on their college campus, sounds fucking R-A-D. (Because it is R-A-D.) I also attended some panels that were on the smaller side, but as far as the REALLY popular ones (like Stranger Things w/ Millie Bobby Brown, and Bravest Warriors + Bee and Puppycat sneak peeks), the idea of standing in an eternal line and STILL risking being turned away was not my cup of tea, so I mostly stuck with the aforementioned aimless wandering and people watching instead.

This year the major cosplay trends were overwhelmingly Suicide Squad and Stranger Things-related, with your standard sprinklings of Star Wars, Pokemon, Cartoon Network, etc. still going as strong as ever. (I loved one family in particular that decided to dress as a Stranger Things group, with the dad as Dustin, the mom as Winona and the toddler as Eleven. I also always appreciate the people who go 100% above and beyond with gigantic costumes, a few of which you’ll see below.)

TL;DR – Basically just turn on, tune in and drop out with the following visual recap, and maybe get inspired for Halloween:

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