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all photos: Franz Mahr

Hi everyone! Thank you all for stopping by yesterday to Jack Rose, for our & New Belgium’s Snapshot Wheat DC launch and photo contest winner announcement. It was super fun. King Street Bluegrass played live. OUTLAWS DJed. There was a photobooth and John Wayne cut-outs and tiny little ponies and campfires everywhere. And of course, so much delicious beer. A full tap takeover (20 beers!) and a New Belgium cask, done in collaboration between the brewery and Jack Rose’s beer director Nahem Simon (check out his beer diary here-ed).

Many congratulations to all the winners of the Snapshot DC contest (check out the FULL GALLERY for that here). Here was the most winning of images for that one (@LizFieser):

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 7.57.52 AMFRM_New Belguim-8

AND-congratulations to @cody_christina for winning the #SnapshotDC instagram contest OF THE NIGHT and won a sweet Fat Tire bike, for this little nugget of instant nostalgia. (see all the #SnapshotDC photos of the evening here)


FRM_New Belguim-7

(STAY in the LOOP: follow us on facebook/twitter/subscribe to DC BEST WEEKEND BETS/NYC BEST WEEKEND BETS). Now enjoy the photos (And all the photobooth photos – and see you all at TOUR DE FAT?)

FRM_New Belguim-6

FRM_New Belguim-48FRM_New Belguim-46FRM_New Belguim-45FRM_New Belguim-22FRM_New Belguim-44FRM_New Belguim-43FRM_New Belguim-42FRM_New Belguim-41FRM_New Belguim-39

FRM_New Belguim-49

FRM_New Belguim-4

FRM_New Belguim-34FRM_New Belguim-40

FRM_New Belguim-25

FRM_New Belguim-38FRM_New Belguim-37FRM_New Belguim-36

FRM_New Belguim-3-2FRM_New Belguim-32FRM_New Belguim-31FRM_New Belguim-30

FRM_New Belguim-28

FRM_New Belguim-15FRM_New Belguim-26FRM_New Belguim-24FRM_New Belguim-23FRM_New Belguim-21

FRM_New Belguim-35FRM_New Belguim-20

FRM_New Belguim-19FRM_New Belguim-17FRM_New Belguim-16FRM_New Belguim-14FRM_New Belguim-13FRM_New Belguim-12FRM_New Belguim-11

FRM_New Belguim-10FRM_New Belguim-9FRM_New Belguim-5FRM_New Belguim-3FRM_New Belguim-2-2FRM_New Belguim-1-2FRM_New Belguim-1