Photos: Naughty SnowBall 4 @ Phase 1
pjrey | Dec 10, 2012 | 1:30PM |

The expert party organizers from Richmond’s Party Liberation Front (PLF) and the Philadephia Experiment (PEX) once again hopped a sleigh to the nation’s capital and joined up with DC’s own Mischief to spread some early holiday cheer. Ever the fans of word play, this year’s theme was “ApocalypSnow.” (Say it three times fast.)

Naughty Snowball moved from its previous location at the Loft Warehouse (which came to a sudden and tragic end in September) to Phase 1’s huge new location in Dupont. While Phase 1 lacked the ample outdoor performance space that made the Loft Warehouse to attractive to this group of fire-spinning “Burners,” it compensated for this loss with two full floors of indoor party space that included five bars and four dj booths/dance  floors. The dj lineup reflected the regional diversity of the organizers themselves:

BEATrix – Meso Creso/DC
Big Jawn – PEX/Philly
Discount – PEX/Philly
Dustin – Mischief/DC
Everyday – PEX-Playloop/Philly
EZ Almighty – Disorient/Philly
Kanizzle – Mischief/DC
Lee Mayjahs? – PEX-Playloop/Philly
Lina Luv – PEX-Feet Active/Philly
Meathook – Meso Creso/DC
Michael NightTime – PEX-PLF-Mischief/Philly
Mr. Jennings – PLF/Richmond
MTK – PLF/Richmond
Reinhold – PLF/Richmond
Sequoia – Mischief/DC
Squachek – Mystical Misfits/Los Angeles
Synz- Mischief/DC
Teh Wallace – PEX/Brooklyn
Teknacolor Ninja – Mischief/DC
Whiskey T. Fox – Echo Collective/Philly

Naughty Snowball IV-2Naughty Snowball IV-3

You go to a Burner party, for the costumes as much as for the music, and making good on all that time on their hands in that annual lull between pre-Burning Man preparation and post-Burning Man exhaustion, this crowd did not disappoint. There was a maniacal gingerbread man and abominable snow-woman, a macho menorah and sexy dreidal, dancers with bright red leotards and candy-striped stockings rising out of faux-fur leggings, santas of all shapes and colors and reindeer with horns of every imaginable material.

The night was also animated by professional circus arts performers who frequently glided onto the dance floor, spinning, hooping, or contorting themselves for the partygoers amusement. The performers even briefly spun fire at the venue’s entrance early in the night.

One interesting aspect of the event was that all bathrooms were unisex. It was rather remarkable to watch people try to negotiate this unexpected dismantling of social norms. I got the impression that this little oddity actually made the party more fun for people because it made them feel like they were being deviant—like they were doing something… naughty.

While you’ll have to wait a full year for another Naughty Snowball, keep your eyes peeled for the next Intergalactic Speakeasy, which is put on by these same fine folks and is guaranteed to leave you saying “ Mischief managed.”

Naughty Snowball IV-1Naughty Snowball IV-4Naughty Snowball IV-5Naughty Snowball IV-6Naughty Snowball IV-7Naughty Snowball IV-8Naughty Snowball IV-9Naughty Snowball IV-11Naughty Snowball IV-12Naughty Snowball IV-13Naughty Snowball IV-14Naughty Snowball IV-15Naughty Snowball IV-16Naughty Snowball IV-17Naughty Snowball IV-18Naughty Snowball IV-19Naughty Snowball IV-20

Naughty Snowball IV-22Naughty Snowball IV-23Naughty Snowball IV-24Naughty Snowball IV-25Naughty Snowball IV-26Naughty Snowball IV-27Naughty Snowball IV-28Naughty Snowball IV-29Naughty Snowball IV-32Naughty Snowball IV-33Naughty Snowball IV-34Naughty Snowball IV-35Naughty Snowball IV-36Naughty Snowball IV-38Naughty Snowball IV-39Naughty Snowball IV-40Naughty Snowball IV-41Naughty Snowball IV-44Naughty Snowball IV-46Naughty Snowball IV-47Naughty Snowball IV-48Naughty Snowball IV-49Naughty Snowball IV-50Naughty Snowball IV-51Naughty Snowball IV-52Naughty Snowball IV-53Naughty Snowball IV-54Naughty Snowball IV-55Naughty Snowball IV-56Naughty Snowball IV-57Naughty Snowball IV-59Naughty Snowball IV-60

Naughty Snowball IV-63Naughty Snowball IV-64Naughty Snowball IV-66Naughty Snowball IV-67Naughty Snowball IV-68Naughty Snowball IV-70Naughty Snowball IV-71Naughty Snowball IV-73Naughty Snowball IV-74Naughty Snowball IV-76Naughty Snowball IV-77Naughty Snowball IV-78Naughty Snowball IV-79Naughty Snowball IV-80

Naughty Snowball IV-82Naughty Snowball IV-83Naughty Snowball IV-84Naughty Snowball IV-85Naughty Snowball IV-86Naughty Snowball IV-88Naughty Snowball IV-92Naughty Snowball IV-94

Naughty Snowball IV-93Naughty Snowball IV-95Naughty Snowball IV-97Naughty Snowball IV-100Naughty Snowball IV-103Naughty Snowball IV-104Naughty Snowball IV-106

Naughty Snowball IV-108Naughty Snowball IV-109Naughty Snowball IV-112Naughty Snowball IV-114Naughty Snowball IV-115Naughty Snowball IV-116