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An urban menswear designer in D.C.? No, it can’t be…. But yes, dear reader it’s true all thanks to Skylar Javier’s NativeDanger, which showcased it’s first full collection at my favorite shop on 14th street, Redeem, last week.  According to their mantra/mission statement, NativeDanger is the by-product of two personalities merged, TheGalaxy and TheVoid. Both value the concepts of creation and design and appreciate the potential of the human hands. This is their work, an ode to visions of the other world integrated into our current state of being.  Sounds pretty high concept, right? The clothes, however, aren’t just for the philosophical art-snobs of the world.  Each garment is expertly tailored with a modern, sleek edge that makes me want to Frankenstein the perfect boyfriend just so I can make him parade around in these excellent threads.

The great thing, aside from the simple-meets-complex design aesthetic of NativeDanger, is they plan to stay local… but they need your help to do so!  NativeDanger has started their own kickstarter in order to vault themselves into the forefront of the fashion world, which will only prove fantastic for our fair city.   It’s a great cause and every $1 helps — plus, certain levels of backing offer customized apparel pieces from the collection. You can’t beat that.

I mean, the photos just don’t do the clothes justice (and that’s the highest compliment I could give).  That harness backpack is a MUST.  See for yourself:

NativeDanger.Redeem.3Oct2012-6225 NativeDanger.Redeem.3Oct2012-6194 NativeDanger.Redeem.3Oct2012-6208 NativeDanger.Redeem.3Oct2012-6207 NativeDanger.Redeem.3Oct2012-6168 NativeDanger.Redeem.3Oct2012-6179 NativeDanger.Redeem.3Oct2012-6176 NativeDanger.Redeem.3Oct2012-6247NativeDanger.Redeem.3Oct2012-6229 NativeDanger.Redeem.3Oct2012-6240 NativeDanger.Redeem.3Oct2012-6237 NativeDanger.Redeem.3Oct2012-6248