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Photos By Franz Mahr

People went hard for Modest Mouse. I have never seen so many totally wasted (and or incredibly high) folks at one show. There were multiple people who could not stand up without assistance and this was all before Modest Mouse even stepped on the stage. There was more than one person vaping. I had never considered them a heavy drinking, lets get-fucked-up type of band until that night, but then again I have heavily pre-gamed a Bright Eyes concert and also have gotten too drunk to make it to a Jeff Mangum show, so what do I know.

The long sold-out Modest Mouse tour brought along up-and-coming (that sounds like they’re not there, whatever there is, yet, but it just means that a lot of people don’t know this band and should) Hop Along to Echostage on Sunday. Isaac Brock came out in an Arcade Fire inspired coat. He took off the coat. It’s best not to repeat Arcade Fire’s missteps.

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Hop Along

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You most likely know what Modest Mouse sounds like. You may not know about Hop Along.