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Photos: Denis Largeron

That precious little babe Mixtape turned three this past weekend.  If you did not show up, wow, it was incredible to walk up and see a line that snaked around the block. It still stood strong when we made it in at 1:45. Incredible! The Mixtape fanatics stayed though, and what a great scene they arrived to see.  The crowd was a pretty good mix of Mixtape fans and Town townies.  Honestly, the upstairs is always a better choice for dancing and dancing all up on dudes/ladies. The raucous dance beats made boys and girls strip their shirts off and dance until glistening.  They moved from the stage, to gogo boxes, to the bar, then back to the dance floor where everyone collaborated in an enormous dancing, singing, celebrating success.

DJ’s Shea VanHorn and Matt Bailer played jam after jam including Whitney’s I Want to Dance With Somebody. Seriously, how you can you not have a full body dance to that song? Everyone could tell they were having fun with the music, but behind the DJ booth, you could see them dancing, hugging, and celebrating their anniversary. It was a perfect meeting of artistic minds, dance music, and people. Mixtape will be eventually moving to the Black Cat, where you will be able to keep dancing for another year.

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