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Even in the modern age, it takes a miracle to raise the dead.  When Matt Bailer and Shea Van Horn started their “Mixtape” party two years ago, the gay nightlife scene in Washington lacked a strong pulse.  Apart from a few sporadic parties and interesting club nights, nightlife in the gay community largely limped from one video bar to another.
When the duo decided to do something different (holding a gay-straight mixer party at an Eritrean restaurant), their innovation would spark a transformation in local gay nightlife that would inspire a half-dozen new parties, DJs and promoters following their success. Now, two years later, Mixtape continues to breathe life into the Washington nightlife scene.
It was fitting, then, that the monthly Mixtape party chose the abandoned EFN Lounge as the venue for its October party.  Although it was shuttered several months ago, Bailer and Van Horn were able to convince the property owners – and a slew of former staff – to reopen and work the bar for one more night.
WIth a hook-up to electricity, and a stockpile of booze, Mixtape kept the hollowed-out bones of the EFN lounge alive .  Eager attendees danced in dark corners, crept up darkened stairs, and floated in-and-out of the ghosts of their past EFN hook-ups – a gay version of a haunted house if there ever was one..
Mixtape will return again on Saturday, November 20 at a location yet to be determined.  For more information, visit www.mixtapedc.com

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