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I wish I could write more about Mixtape’s 2 Year Anniversary party, but let’s be honest: after drinking all day at a wedding, then the H St. Festival, then a quadruple-German-kegger, then a wedding reception, and then finally making it to Mixtape…things are a little hazy. However I will tell you this: IT WAS AWESOME. After two years of totally dominating the gay party scene in DC, Shea Van Horn and Matt Bailer pulled out all the stops for their cotton anniversary (really? cotton?). Shea took the top floor, which was packed, and Matt took the main floor, which was ALSO PACKED. (I know I’m using caps a lot but trust me it’s justified.) There were lasers and fog and awesome beats and cute boys and even some cute girls too. Let’s just say that we can’t wait for the next two years.

IMG_0351 IMG_0350 IMG_0346

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