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All photos: Kevin Hulse

If you’re a fan of HeadaboveHeart and my pictures, then the recent events of “nostalgic” shows are in progress.  A couple weeks ago I took photos for Creed, in which, one of my first CD’s was, Human Clay (Haters gonna hate).  Then comes my metal phase.  Drowning Pool, P.O.D and Rob Zombie (Again, haters gonna hate).  As a Rob Zombie fan, I had bought the CD’s “Hellbilly Deluxe” and then “The Sinister Urge” when that came out in 2001.  Of course, over the years, my music genre has changed.
But then I heard that Zombie was going to perform on May 13th.  Inspired, I set a goal on getting a photo pass to this particular event.  The Metal Lords Day with Rob Zombie, Megadeth and Lacuna Coil.  Also on the bill was Battery-A Metallica tribute band, Sanctuary-A Iron Maiden tribute band and Moon Baby-A Godsmack tribute band.
I had made it just in time for Battery, which were pretty impressive as they sounded like and (acted like), Metallica themselves.  So much so that I can see why they were hand picked my Metallica in ’98 to open up their Garage Inc. Tour. The event was like any other metal event you would expect.  A guy randomly shouting “Slayer!” through out the pavilion.  Tattooed 40 something’s wearing nostalgic metal shirts from the 80s.  Lots of beer and lots of Megadeth shirts.
The bands performed their respective sets.  Lacuna Coil did no disapoint and Megadeth played a superb set, also the first time I’ve ever seen a non-headliner band play a encore, which was quite interesting. Rob Zombie’s set was filled with pyro, a giant walking skelton and a giant tin armored suit in which Rob Zombie magically popped out of.  The first song was Jesus Frankenstein.  In between songs, Rob says “I’m tired of the electric guitar solo’s, been there, done that”.  More in reference to Zombie’s over the top set full of costumes and pyro.

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