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Maybe I’m just excited because Fitsum gave me his off-camera flash cable, or maybe I’m just excited because I got pictures from last night up before noon, but I am obliged to share all these shots with you. Let’s see, quick run-down of the night… sorority/debutante smith point girls in cocktail dresses call me Pete Wentz (“you’re goin’ down, down”… where is that BYT intern when you need her?!?), drunk Joel arrives with injured hand post-bike wreck (don’t drink and bike), underage GW girl passes out standing up and has to be escorted out (to the hospital!!! She was unconcious lying on the floor, bleeding… sorry no pictures, not cool), I hung out with the Shelby and Stephen from The Cassettes, as well as my new friend David Holloway (awesome photojournalist, if you don’t know, now ya know), and Courtney is still by far the greatest bartendress in town…

08_3.27_Marquis@Napoleon-21 08_3.27_Marquis@Napoleon-15

08_3.27_Marquis@Napoleon-20 08_3.27_Marquis@Napoleon-26

I think they were playing that Yelle song right here, you know the one with the eurof_gs in extremely tight pants and fanny packs? Yeah, that one.

08_3.27_Marquis@Napoleon-10 08_3.27_Marquis@Napoleon-23 08_3.27_Marquis@Napoleon-12

08_3.27_Marquis@Napoleon-16 08_3.27_Marquis@Napoleon-6

Debutantes, love the blue and red cocktail dresses, not so much the attitude… can anyone say late night shots? And, Joel’s boo boo.

08_3.27_Marquis@Napoleon-1 08_3.27_Marquis@Napoleon-24 08_3.27_Marquis@Napoleon-2

08_3.27_Marquis@Napoleon-30 08_3.27_Marquis@Napoleon-5 08_3.27_Marquis@Napoleon-4

Thanks to David for the shots of Pete Wentz and the social worker from U of Chicago, public policy, what you got to say about this, huuuh?!?!?