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all words and photos: Josh Sisk.com

This weekend I made the trek up to Philly to attend the 2nd annual Mad Decent Block Party. Mad Decent, a philly record label founded by Diplo (MIA producer/Hollertronix co-founder/well known DJ) has been throwing these neighborhood appreciation parties for a while not… basically, they get the best DJs and bands they are friends with to play a free show for the neighborhood where their offices are… they rent some moon bounces and dunk tanks and ball pits for the kids, get some sponsors to give away free food, and invite the world. It’s a fun party because the neighborhood kids and families mingle with the fans and the artists and it is just a blast. This year was no different.

I walked in to Nadastrom killing it, and caught performances from Brick Bandits, DJ Sega, PoPo, Maluca, Diplo and Major Lazer (all pictured below). DC/Baltimore was very well represented, so hopefully others will chime in with their recollections!

DSC_3025.jpg DSC_3271.jpg DSC_3014.jpg DSC_3198.jpgDSC_3249.jpg DSC_3193.jpg DSC_3255.jpgDSC_3196.jpgDSC_3159.jpg DSC_3156.jpg DSC_3146.jpgDSC_3100.jpg DSC_3191.jpg DSC_3075.jpgDSC_3110.jpg DSC_2930.jpg DSC_2987.jpgDSC_2978.jpg DSC_3104.jpg DSC_2978.jpg DSC_2886.jpgDSC_2884.jpg DSC_2900.jpg DSC_2907.jpgDSC_2917.jpg DSC_2902.jpg DSC_2926.jpgDSC_3274.jpg DSC_3041.jpg DSC_3269.jpgDSC_2950.jpg

Full Set here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/joshsisk/sets/72157621934399617/
Slideshow here:http://www.flickr.com/photos/joshsisk/sets/72157621934399617/show/
Pictures from last year:http://www.flickr.com/photos/joshsisk/sets/72157605535171079/