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Photos by Blink Ofanaye

A cross between Star Trek and a rock opera, The Terrible Secret of Lunastus is a completely reworked 2011 production by the Baltimore Rock Opera Society. Washingtonian recently called the all volunteer Rock Opera Society, “One of the city’s performing arts gems, producing original rock operas with lavish sets and killer voices.” Last year they won the Creative Group of the Year award at the 4th annual Baltimore Innovation Awards.

Set in the near future, as the earth is about to be destroyed, Lusastus follows four astronauts and their robot who set out to find other inhabitable planets. The story takes a number of twists and turns involving aliens, burritos and more, but the live music performed by Magnetaur is what really sets this piece apart.

The performance is about two hours, but it feels much shorter than that. If you haven’t seen one of their shows, do you yourself a favor and go see this one.

Lunastus runs through October 8th.