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words and photos by Dakota Fine

Leo Villareal was in town on Saturday night for the opening of his fifth exhibition with the Conner Contemporary Art gallery. The show includes several new works that feature Villareal’s distinctive technique, combining light producing sculpture-work with software and sequencing. His use of color tone, from light to dark and across the rainbow, has the ability to transform spaces into an other-worldly kind of experience.

Villareal is perhaps most well know amongst DC residents for his piece Multiverse, on permanent display at the National Gallery of Art, and searching for “multiverse” on flickr proves the installation is especially popular for photographers (no bias here!). But regardless, the work speaks for itself. So go see it.



DF12_5.12_LeoVillarealConner-119 DF12_5.12_LeoVillarealConner-120 DF12_5.12_LeoVillarealConner-103 DF12_5.12_LeoVillarealConner-101 DF12_5.12_LeoVillarealConner-107_comp DF12_5.12_LeoVillarealConner-106 DF12_5.12_LeoVillarealConner-121 DF12_5.12_LeoVillarealConner-116 DF12_5.12_LeoVillarealConner-105 DF12_5.12_LeoVillarealConner-104 DF12_5.12_LeoVillarealConner-115 DF12_5.12_LeoVillarealConner-110 DF12_5.12_LeoVillarealConner-111_comp DF12_5.12_LeoVillarealConner-109 DF12_5.12_LeoVillarealConner-108 DF12_5.12_LeoVillarealConner-124