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all photos: Jane Briggs

Covering shows over the holidays is hard: you have a writer but you don’t have a photographer, or vice versa. Well, Kurt Vile returned to the Black Cat and Jane took some great photos, but in lieu of the review we suggest you read this piece on Vile by Andrew Bucket, written a couple of months a go.

Sample notes:

Kurt begins the show much in the same way as last spring. Solo on stage with his vocals spaced out and his typical rock and roll hair draped over the mic and obscuring his cherub like face. He looks like a regular dude, and not even the way that the other Kurt (you know who I mean) looked like a regular dude. I mean this Kurt looks like he could work at Whole Foods or Guitar Center. It’s not a statement for Vile, it’s just the facts.

After a standard solo number, the Violators join him on stage and the set goes plowing ahead with several songs from the recent record on Matador. Second guitarist Jesse (not sure about his last name) is shifting from a wailing harmonica, to a tricked out guitar rig–riding the wammy bar every note of the way. The vibe was something like: if Swell Maps played Farm Aid.

A writer could get sentimental, greedy, over-zealous, verbose, and generally misguided about what this band is, or worse: what they mean. They seem to have everything that a band would need to be the next:_______. But, common. That’s a lame game to play. What are we, Spin fucking magazine? Are we Gideon Yago?

JB, KurtVile, PurlingHiss_112410_0061 JB, KurtVile, PurlingHiss_112410_0067 JB, KurtVile, PurlingHiss_112410_0109 JB, KurtVile, PurlingHiss_112410_0099 JB, KurtVile, PurlingHiss_112410_0128 JB, KurtVile, PurlingHiss_112410_0145 JB, KurtVile, PurlingHiss_112410_0103 JB, KurtVile, PurlingHiss_112410_0098 JB, KurtVile, PurlingHiss_112410_0096 JB, KurtVile, PurlingHiss_112410_0004 JB, KurtVile, PurlingHiss_112410_0083 JB, KurtVile, PurlingHiss_112410_0001.6 JB, KurtVile, PurlingHiss_112410_0021 JB, KurtVile, PurlingHiss_112410_0001.5 JB, KurtVile, PurlingHiss_112410_0004 JB, KurtVile, PurlingHiss_112410_0055