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all photos: Bradley

To say that the Hirshhorn Afterhours was INCREDS is a gross understatement.  Ok, so we arrive to Matt Bailer and Rob Bozick throwing down Spice Girls, any gay man’s wet dream. Then we party with this hula hoop girl for a minute before climbing our way through the masses of people to the bar.  The special cocktail of the night was a Zombie, duh.  Then we head back to the hula hoop girl and party with her for a while.  Boyz II Men comes on and we decide to head inside, not because we don’t like Boyz II Men, but because it is chilly.

Downstairs we run into Mike A., which makes this BYGays take over the Hirshhorn night.  We watch this awesome video art in the Black Box. Superflex, a Danish Art Collective floods a Micky D’s. Gross food and trash is floating around everywhere, but it’s all slow motion and has these really pretty colors; beautiful. We decide that maybe we should try to find Deb to make this whole thing complete (we never did find her). We head back outside, get another Zombie, and party with this Eastern European girl who is wearing what looks like an entire Mac store on her eyelids and an Arctic Fox fur coat. Whoa.

Back Street Boys comes on and we basically race to the front to party Peach Pit style.  We can barely make it through the crowd because so many people are wasted and grinding all over each other. After dancing up on some hotties, we take our last photos and leave.  I’m totally serious when I say that you should always go to the Hirshhorn Afterhours.  Art, booze, and hotties. This is one of the best parties I’ve been to and if you didn’t go this time you missed out on an incredible time.  Go next time. Not kidding.

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