PHOTOS: High Heel Race 2011
BYT Staff | Oct 26, 2011 | 12:25PM |

all photos: Julian Vu, Shauna Alexander and Denis Largeron

Deep in the heart of gay America, there is an annual tradition that makes Thanksgiving look like a surprise trip to an untrained dentist. It’s called The High Heel Race, it involves some of the city’s best male athletes sprinting down the street (some most of them in fabulous costumes), and it is a deeply sentimental occasion of remembrance for those who bravely gave their lives in the effort to make mens-size high heels acceptable footwear year on out.

It is also one our FAVORITE occasions to photograph in DC every year.  So, without further a do:

first up: snaps by Julian Vu

DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race DC Drag Race

next up, Shauna’s:

2011HighHeelDragRace-9881 2011HighHeelDragRace-9885 2011HighHeelDragRace-9887 2011HighHeelDragRace-9888 2011HighHeelDragRace-9890 2011HighHeelDragRace-9891 2011HighHeelDragRace-9894 2011HighHeelDragRace-9895 2011HighHeelDragRace-9897 2011HighHeelDragRace-9899 2011HighHeelDragRace-9911 2011HighHeelDragRace-9903 2011HighHeelDragRace-9913 2011HighHeelDragRace-9914 2011HighHeelDragRace-9920 2011HighHeelDragRace-9927 2011HighHeelDragRace-9932 2011HighHeelDragRace-9934 2011HighHeelDragRace-9936 2011HighHeelDragRace-9943 2011HighHeelDragRace-9938 2011HighHeelDragRace-9941 2011HighHeelDragRace-9945 2011HighHeelDragRace-9954 2011HighHeelDragRace-9956 2011HighHeelDragRace-9959 2011HighHeelDragRace-9960 2011HighHeelDragRace-9961 2011HighHeelDragRace-9965 2011HighHeelDragRace-9966 2011HighHeelDragRace-9969 2011HighHeelDragRace-9974 2011HighHeelDragRace-9976 2011HighHeelDragRace-9980 2011HighHeelDragRace-9982 2011HighHeelDragRace-9989 2011HighHeelDragRace-9992 2011HighHeelDragRace-9994 2011HighHeelDragRace-9997

and last but not least, some from Denis:

2011-10-25_highheelrace_602 2011-10-25_highheelrace_639 2011-10-25_highheelrace_627 2011-10-25_highheelrace_637 2011-10-25_highheelrace_620 2011-10-25_highheelrace_651 2011-10-25_highheelrace_652 2011-10-25_highheelrace_580 2011-10-25_highheelrace_590 2011-10-25_highheelrace_554 2011-10-25_highheelrace_562 2011-10-25_highheelrace_568 2011-10-25_highheelrace_552 2011-10-25_highheelrace_565 2011-10-25_highheelrace_489 2011-10-25_highheelrace_490 2011-10-25_highheelrace_485 2011-10-25_highheelrace_477 2011-10-25_highheelrace_443 2011-10-25_highheelrace_437 2011-10-25_highheelrace_430 2011-10-25_highheelrace_457 2011-10-25_highheelrace_422 2011-10-25_highheelrace_602 2011-10-25_highheelrace_590 2011-10-25_highheelrace_608 2011-10-25_highheelrace_394 2011-10-25_highheelrace_391 2011-10-25_highheelrace_408 2011-10-25_highheelrace_360 2011-10-25_highheelrace_356 2011-10-25_highheelrace_335 2011-10-25_highheelrace_340 2011-10-25_highheelrace_314 2011-10-25_highheelrace_315 2011-10-25_highheelrace_282 2011-10-25_highheelrace_301 2011-10-25_highheelrace_303 2011-10-25_highheelrace_286 2011-10-25_highheelrace_267 2011-10-25_highheelrace_259-Edit 2011-10-25_highheelrace_277 2011-10-25_highheelrace_274 2011-10-25_highheelrace_248 2011-10-25_highheelrace_241 2011-10-25_highheelrace_242 2011-10-25_highheelrace_214 2011-10-25_highheelrace_205 2011-10-25_highheelrace_209 2011-10-25_highheelrace_053 2011-10-25_highheelrace_062 2011-10-25_highheelrace_066 2011-10-25_highheelrace_044 2011-10-25_highheelrace_072 2011-10-25_highheelrace_023 2011-10-25_highheelrace_020 2011-10-25_highheelrace_050 2011-10-25_highheelrace_086 2011-10-25_highheelrace_076

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  • Shauna Shauna says:

    Nice job, team!

    • Hollie says:

      Mr. Mead,The parasite class will not be tamed eao.Ayilmsng other reason, they have no where else to go given the relative low skill level and work ethic of those who tended to gravitate to public sector. This is not the cream of the crop.

    • Artta says:

      C’est aussi et surtout l’ex-femme de Lorenzo Lamas-le-rebelle-c’est-lui-avec-Bobby-Sixkiller, la se9rie la plus beauf de tous les Etats-Unis. Quel pou cette fille elle est aussi afferuse qu’inutile. Je n’ai qu’une envie : prendre une aiguille et poc. Reine des cagoles est un titre justement me9rite9.