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all photos: Lexie Moreland

Opening of a new gallery in DC, and especially one as highly anticipated and in a location as prominent as the one Hamiltonian Gallery occupies (14th and U), is always bound to bring in hordes of curious (and event starved) Washington
art fans.
New works by Nao Matsumoto, Bryan Rojsuontikul and Ian MacLean Davis were on display for everyone’s visual (and other-sensory, especially when it came to those little vibrating fertility statues) enjoyment, Gavin Holland was in charge of musical acompaniement, director Jackie Ionita was the perfect hostess, the wine was flowing, the cheese was plentiful, and “everyone who is anyone” stepped out to check out the (quite amazing, really, new space)

DCist did a very nice in depth write-up of the history and the future of the space (which is to house the Project 4 gallery as well, which will be moving from its 9th and U location), so read up.

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* gallery open by appointment only