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all photos: Lexie Moreland

As DC amps up for FOTOweek which starts this Saturday (more on that tomorrow in the Art Itinerary), we made a point to check out some of the photo shows popping up around the city in preparation (for a really amazing one @ Project 4 click here)

Right downstairs from it the freshly opened Hamiltonian showed us their second show, again a group effort, this time by Jonathan B. French,
Michael Dax Iacovone & Anne Chan and a lovely party to go with it featuring live jazz from HR57 Allstars and a, as always, radiant Jackie Ionita as the hostess.

The front of the gallery (with French’s work) seemed a little crowded though it did feature the standout photo of the little, blonde African boy which, really, could have been alone on a wall and as mesmerizing, but in the back where Iacavone got to do his thing with his overlapping panoramic photos of DC is where the real “wow” happened.


ZR7L3034 ZR7L3004 ZR7L3005 ZR7L3015 ZR7L3083 ZR7L3082 ZR7L3056

ZR7L3026 ZR7L3040 ZR7L3032 ZR7L3055 ZR7L3061 ZR7L3063 ZR7L3049 ZR7L3039 ZR7L3039 ZR7L3039 ZR7L3011