PHOTOS: H Street Karaoke Championship
BYGays | Feb 1, 2012 | 10:30AM |

All Photos: Matthew Streib

When Sticky Rice Karaeoke King Andrew Herndon invited the BYGays to celebrity judge the H Street Karaoke Championship last Thursday, we didn’t need to know the details. We immediately said yes.  If you’re familiar with the H Street karaoke scene (yes, it’s a scene) it involved outrageous, costumed performances centering at Sticky Rice and Little Miss Whiskey ‘s.  They’re basically drag shows with vocal talent.

The BYGays were joined on the judges couch by Lily, who killed it as the winner of last year’s championship.  While we were judging on skill and presentation, we were also swayed by free shots and gratuitous affection by the straight boys in the competition.

Contestants went through several rounds, with several weeded out early for simply singing but not doing much out.  However, most were outstanding, including a stellar live recreation of A-Ha‘s “Take On Me”, complete with sketch-drawing animation.

Ultimately, Mollie Lemon walked away the victor having won the crowd over with  enthusiastic and skilled rapping (not using the prompter at all) on Young MC’s “Bust A Move,” as well as an emotionally moving cover of Kris Kross’ “Jump”.  Her reward was a cash prize of $500 and a big-ass trophy.

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