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all words: Mark Silva
all photos (in an excellent example of BYT team work): Eric Schrieber, Priscilla Ledesma and Mark Silva

All obvious jokes aside, (except to say BYT is now, in fact, officially just a bit more on this side of “overexposed” . . . badum-ching ) I had a lot of fun shooting this assignment for two reasons: a) everyone was really nice to me even though I was wearing shorts (most of time . . .) whilst running round taking pictures of their bums, and b) nudism or naturalism or just plain bein’ nekkid is serious business when trying to establish a new Guinness Book of World Records category for the largest simultaneous skinny dip.

Which is exactly what transpired in a small pool in Baltimore (and simultaneously in pools across the country) at exactly 3:00 EST July 11, when 75 or so folks disrobed and took the plunge. Friends and strangers, veterans of the lifestyle, newbies, curiosity seekers, one BYT photographer, and other Guinness Book dreamers joined in.

Even though there were strict limits on what I could photograph – no faces without permission, no shots that would identify the pool (at the behest of the pool owners), no gratuitous frontal nudity, the photos should still give you an idea of what the day was like.

And for the record, my Nikon D300 and I are officially in the Guinness record book . . . I guess this means I can stop trying to hop to NYC and back on a pogo-stick and move on with the rest of my life.

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AND NOW-The photos:

first up-Eric’s

_IGP5391 _IGP5388 _IGP5370 _IGP5405 _IGP5387 _IGP5390 _IGP5372 _IGP5375 _IGP5418

followed by some of Priscill’s beautiful composites

skinningdipping4small skinnydipping1small skinningdipping5small skinningdipping5small skinningdipping5small skinningdipping3small skinnydipping2small

and finally some amazing portraiture by Mark

SkinnyD-1-12 SkinnyD-1-14 SkinnyD-1-13 SkinnyD-101 SkinnyD-107 SkinnyD-1-6 SkinnyD-1-9 SkinnyD-1-10 SkinnyD-1-18 SkinnyD-1-11 SkinnyD-1-17 SkinnyD-1-15 SkinnyD-1-19 SkinnyD-1-16 SkinnyD-1-21 SkinnyD-107 SkinnyD-1-8 SkinnyD-1-7 SkinnyD-1-2 SkinnyD-1-2 SkinnyD-1-4 SkinnyD-1-3 SkinnyD-1-5 SkinnyD-90 SkinnyD-87 SkinnyD-88 SkinnyD-1