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Photos By Franz Mahr

The holiday season in DC is everything you’d expect a holiday season to be in the nation’s capital: shiny and busy and dignified and patriotic and, yes, a little predictable and nostalgic. So, when three years a go Georgetown launched Georgetown Glow, their own variation of Lyon’s Fete des Lumieres, we were understandably excited to add a little zip in our city’s holiday step and yes, another unmissable thing to Instagram.

120116_Georgetown Glow_028_F

As of this evening, Georgetown Glow is back and still growing:  this year, the install is up 6-10pm nightly, for a FULL MONTH (vs ten days last year), and goes through January 1st 2017. The installations and artists this year range from Neon Treehouses by Woodrow Collective to glowing see-saws by Baltimore’s Laura Drogul to RE-Icicle which recycles some of National Building Museum’s Iceberg materials to a sea of glowing butterflies by UK’s Aether and Hemera and more.

120116_Georgetown Glow_011_F120116_Georgetown Glow_021_F

The final curatorial effect is festive without being too holiday-y and thought provoking enough that you may want to grab a drink and discuss it with a friend after you see it all.

Plus, there’s a handy map to use too. Make the most of this amazing weather and go explore (and yes, Instagram. #GeorgetownGlow is the word).

120116_Georgetown Glow_001_F120116_Georgetown Glow_004_F120116_Georgetown Glow_006_F120116_Georgetown Glow_008_F120116_Georgetown Glow_009_F120116_Georgetown Glow_010_F120116_Georgetown Glow_015_F120116_Georgetown Glow_017_F120116_Georgetown Glow_019_F120116_Georgetown Glow_022_F120116_Georgetown Glow_023_F120116_Georgetown Glow_024_F120116_Georgetown Glow_030_F120116_Georgetown Glow_032_F120116_Georgetown Glow_034_F120116_Georgetown Glow_036_F