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All photos: Dakota Fine, Jeff Martin, Chris Chen, Shauna Alexander, Daniela Toleva and Farrah Skeiky

So, as you may know-this past weekend, we partnered with Maison Francaise to bring you 2 nights of great French (and American) music, live art installations, all the feathers we could find in the tri-state area, macarons and duck confit pizzas and more. The weekend was such a ridiculous success that we have not 1 but 2 photo sets coming up your way today in hopes of summing it all up. What you see below is Saturday, and FRIDAY PHOTOS CAN BE FOUND HERE (with the 1000+ photo booth photos going up tomorrow, we promise).

So, before we dive into the photos, which I am sure you are VERY excited to peruse, the usual thank yous. For Friday:

  • Thank you to the Embassy of France and La Maison Francaise for partnering with us on this and letting us do everything we did.
  • Thank you to all our awesome musical talent on Saturday: Yan Wagner, Housse De Racket, Tomorrow’s World & DJs Chris Nitti and Sean Davidson on the inside stage + Mary Alice Farina and DJs Keenan Orr and Sean Peoples outside-you made every song count.
  • Thank you to Alliance Francaise for the short films that played in the
  • Thank you to Paul Grelet for the art installations and the live painting
  • Thank you to PANDAHEAD mag for creating our magical feather forest (which grew on Saturday)
  • Thank you to H&Pizza, Cirque du Cuisine, PAUL Bakery & The Cajunators for the delicious food throughout the event.
  • Thank you to ONOMONOMEDIA for being our photobooth always and forever.
  • Thank you to Stella Artois for supporting all BYT events this year
  • Thank you to Smirnoff for being the official vodka of this event.
  • Thank you to our laser guys-you lasered it up real good.
  • Thank you to the tireless BYT and Maison Francaise staff for checking everyone  efficiently, our bar staff for keeping a drink in everyone’s hand and everyone else in between
  • Thank you to our photographers for shooting non stop and all the time. (and if there IS A LOT OF PHOTOS OF THAT TOMORROW’S WORLD DRESS, IT IS BECAUSE IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT)
  • and of course – THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING – we have A BUNCH of events coming up: A Zombie Take-Over of H Street THIS THURSDAY, a BYT & Temple of DOOM Halloween Party in DC, a FREAKIN’ Halloween Party in NYC (tell all your friends) + election parties, holiday parties, other parties… and we hope to see you at those.
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Bisous, BYT.


first up, pro moves by Dakota:

DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-158 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-156 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-155 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-154 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-152 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-151 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-149 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-147 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-146 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-145 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-144 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-143 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-135 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-136 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-137 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-138 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-139


DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-141 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-142 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-134 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-133 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-132 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-131 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-130 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-129 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-128 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-127 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-120 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-121 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-122 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-123 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-124 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-125 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-126 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-117 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-116 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-115 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-114 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-113 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-112 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-111 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-104 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-105 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-106 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-107 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-108 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-109 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-110 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-103 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-102 DF12_10.13_BYTFrenchEmb-101

more by Jeff:

frenchundergroundsat-1 frenchundergroundsat-2 frenchundergroundsat-3 frenchundergroundsat-4 frenchundergroundsat-6 frenchundergroundsat-7 frenchundergroundsat-8 frenchundergroundsat-9 frenchundergroundsat-10 frenchundergroundsat-11 frenchundergroundsat-12 frenchundergroundsat-13 frenchundergroundsat-14 frenchundergroundsat-15 frenchundergroundsat-16 frenchundergroundsat-18 frenchundergroundsat-19

by Chris:

BYT20121013DSCF0003 BYT20121013DSCF0006 BYT20121013DSCF0021Crop BYT20121013DSCF0023Crop BYT20121013DSCF0030 BYT20121013DSCF0033 BYT20121013DSCF0048Crop BYT20121013DSCF0047 BYT20121013DSCF0070Crop BYT20121014DSCF0083Crop BYT20121013DSCF0058Crop BYT20121014DSCF0087Crop BYT20121014DSCF0106 BYT20121014DSCF0102 BYT20121014DSCF0110Crop BYT20121014DSCF0107Crop BYT20121014DSCF0122Crop BYT20121014DSCF0112Crop BYT20121014DSCF0130 BYT20121014DSCF0119 BYT20121014DSCF0123 BYT20121014DSCF0156Crop BYT20121014DSCF0175Crop BYT20121014DSCF0158Crop BYT20121014DSCF0135

by Daniela:

The French Underground-001 The French Underground-002 The French Underground-004 The French Underground-003 The French Underground-005 The French Underground-006 The French Underground-007 The French Underground-010 The French Underground-012 The French Underground-015 The French Underground-018 The French Underground-020 The French Underground-022 The French Underground-030 The French Underground-031 The French Underground-032 The French Underground-011

by Farrah:

IMG_8839 IMG_8736 IMG_8674 IMG_8673 IMG_8660 IMG_8630 IMG_8590 IMG_8551 IMG_8545

and last but certainly not least some by Shauna:

BYTFrenchUnerground-7762 BYTFrenchUnerground-7798 BYTFrenchUnerground-7804 BYTFrenchUnerground-7814 BYTFrenchUnerground-7864 BYTFrenchUnerground-7982 BYTFrenchUnerground-7850 BYTFrenchUnerground-8037 BYTFrenchUnerground-8044 BYTFrenchUnerground-8092 BYTFrenchUnerground-8251 BYTFrenchUnerground-8191 BYTFrenchUnerground-8292 BYTFrenchUnerground-8296 BYTFrenchUnerground-8285