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all photos: Shauna Alexander

The finest of DC’s going out folk packed into the relatively tiny, super secretive, invite-only Montserrat space this past weekend to witness the arrival of ESL Music’s newest hope: Frank Mitchell Jr. This was a tough audience, an audience that has seen it all, heard it all, danced to it all. But Frank (+ his full band of 8, featuring several regular members of Thievery’s live show) delivered. Playing the soon-to-be standards from his 7″ “Booty Lock” (“Rubbery bass, wah-wah guitars, and silky horns don’t even begin to describe the naughtiness within“)- the crew got everyone shaking what their Momma gave (and did not give them) in no time, and the fact that everyone on stage (and some of “on stage” was actually “off stage” since the teeny space could not fit them all) seemed to be having as good of a time as everyone in the audience always helped.

DC-meet your favorite new party band. Watch this space for more and publicly accessible performances. (one of which hopefully will be a roller skating party)

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