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all photos: Jeff Martin

By the time you read this, FotoBazaar, a 100+ photographer showcase that closed out the 2014 edition of Fotoweek is over. But this past Friday it had an opening party and much like the work shown it was alive and fun and beautiful. But before we dive into the photos, a few thank yous:

  • to JBG Companies for partnering us and providing this year’s FotoBazaar Location
  • NoMa BID for supporting this event two years in a row.
  • ALL THE FOTOBAZAAR exhibitors – you guys are wonderful.
  • ALL THE 2014 FOTOWEEK PARTNERS: the programming this year is truly spectacular (check back in daily with us for TODAY at Fotoweek Features)
  • our sponsors: HEINEKEN, Ketel One and Red Bull
  • the great music performers: DJ Smudge and DJ Sean Peoples
  • ONOMONOMEDIA for all the photobooths (a separate set on this is coming up)
  • SHAKE SHACK and KIND BARS for the food at the opening night.
  • all the amazing press people who helped spread the good word about this
  • our staff for crushing through the first and last weekend of Fotoweek without any sleep or rest or anything but adrenaline and a deep desire for this to be great
  • our photo team for documenting all of this (check out photos from the Fotoweek Opening party here)
  • and, of course, ALL OF YOU for making your way over to these shows. WE LOVE YOU FOR IT.
  • Follow us on Twitter at @BYT + @FOTOWEEKDC and use #Fotoweek2014 on instagram and twitter. Still plenty more foto adventures ahead of us all year round.

FotoBazaar 2014-45-2806

FotoBazaar 2014-25-2735

FotoBazaar 2014-39-2790FotoBazaar 2014-44-2804FotoBazaar 2014-43-2800FotoBazaar 2014-42-2797FotoBazaar 2014-41-2795FotoBazaar 2014-40-2791FotoBazaar 2014-37-2781FotoBazaar 2014-36-2779FotoBazaar 2014-35-2774FotoBazaar 2014-34-2773

FotoBazaar 2014-21-2725FotoBazaar 2014-33-2770FotoBazaar 2014-32-2759FotoBazaar 2014-31-2757FotoBazaar 2014-30-2753FotoBazaar 2014-29-2749

FotoBazaar 2014-38-2789FotoBazaar 2014-28-2746FotoBazaar 2014-27-2740FotoBazaar 2014-26-2737FotoBazaar 2014-24-2732FotoBazaar 2014-23-2730FotoBazaar 2014-22-2727FotoBazaar 2014-19-2717FotoBazaar 2014-17-2705FotoBazaar 2014-16-2696FotoBazaar 2014-15-2693FotoBazaar 2014-14-2690FotoBazaar 2014-12-2686FotoBazaar 2014-11-2681FotoBazaar 2014-10-2678FotoBazaar 2014-09-2675FotoBazaar 2014-08-2666FotoBazaar 2014-07-2664FotoBazaar 2014-06-2654FotoBazaar 2014-05-2646FotoBazaar 2014-04-2642FotoBazaar 2014-03-2640FotoBazaar 2014-02-2636FotoBazaar 2014-01-2629

FotoBazaar 2014-13-2689

FotoBazaar 2014-18-2709