PHOTOS: The FOLLY is here!
svetlana | Feb 24, 2011 | 10:40AM |

all photos: Ben Droz

  • The Folly is poems/diatribes/satires/yarns/rhapsodies/reportage.
  • The Folly is PRINT ONLY.
  • The Folly is named in tribute the wonderful mistake of a creative life.
  • The Folly was founded by Andrew Bucket and Lex Paulson but also features an all star editorial board of that certain DC population we like to talk about on this website: Andrew Bucket, Ian Bronstein, Christopher Chen, Haley Nabisco Dolan, Jennifer Jeremias, Ryan Hunter Mitchell, Adrian Parsons, Lex Paulson, Sheldon Scott, Madeleine Starkey, Holly Thomas, Glodine Young, Seaton Smith, Stewart Lupton, Dallas Lillach, Thrax Milieu, Josh Cogan, Ryma Chikhoune, Joe Hall, Catullus, Albin, Decoy, Rachel England, Elizabeth Graeber, Chandi Kelley, Mera Rubell
  • The first actual, printed, numbered issue of FOLLY landed in DC this past Friday and everyone who’s into poems/diatribes/satires/yarns/rhapsodies/reportage/creative life/wonderful mistakes landed at Pharmacy bar to celebrate it’s arrival.
  • There are only 200 copies of the first issue – hit them up on FACEBOOK and request your own.
  • OH AND ALSO- people can get copies at Smash records at the front counter

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