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All photos and words by Chris Svetlik.

Can you feel it? That’s the Finnish-American unity in the air. All last week was the Finus/88 Media Arts Symposium, a project of Finus (the Finland-US Cultural Alliance) and 88 space, aimed at showcasing artists in the electronic space from both Finland and the US. The event’s climax was arguably the sauna party held Thursday at the Embassy of Finland (think beautiful Scandinavian people dripping with sweat in the wet, wet heat). Unfortunately I missed out on that event.

But I did make it to Friday’s performance at the Finnish Embassy, featuring electronic artists the Pink Twins (Finland), Yoko K. (DC), and Adrian Loving (DC). Here’s a super quick recap:

MUSIC: Complex! Layered!
VISUALS: Epileptics’ nightmare!
FOOD: Sooooo good, so much of it
ARCHITECTURE: Awesome. Not as in-your-face as House of Sweden, but still plenty of subtle Scandanavian class

In conclusion, was there ever a bad event at a Scandinavian embassy?

IMG_2608IMG_2613IMG_2587 IMG_2595 IMG_2599IMG_2572 IMG_2543 IMG_2564 IMG_2582 IMG_2528 IMG_2568IMG_2541 IMG_2535 IMG_2455IMG_2358IMG_2425 IMG_2470 IMG_2457IMG_2378IMG_2372 IMG_2404 IMG_2517 IMG_2509 IMG_2506IMG_2433IMG_2560 IMG_2540 IMG_2523 IMG_2555 IMG_2527 IMG_2488