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all photos: Franz Mahr + Farrah Skeiky

At this point so much internet ink has been used on BYT explaining just how much fun FATBACK is that, frankly, you all should have motivated and went at least once by now. In which case, I don’t NEED TO explain to you just how much fun it is. You KNOW.

Still, of all the fun Fatback times, the anniversary is my favorite and this is because – well, they give you more room to dance. With a full building take over and more DJ stations so all the boys really get to spread their funky wings, it starts, in spite of it’s size, seeming as much fun as when, ONLY YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS knew about the party and doing cartwheels at least seemed like a possibility.

And all that’s left for you to do is make sure you make the most of it. Pro tips include: breathable fabrics and minimal clothing, showing up EARLY to beat the lines and spit all over your dance floor territory, hydrating, and treating every song like it is your favorite (because, at that moment, lets face it-IT IS)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS. and here’s to many more:

12-01_Fatback107-301 12-01_Fatback107-486 12-01_Fatback107-9 12-01_Fatback107-506 12-01_Fatback107-476 12-01_Fatback107-29-2 12-01_Fatback107-36 12-01_Fatback107-15 12-01_Fatback107-12 12-01_Fatback107-26 12-01_Fatback107-39 12-01_Fatback107-36-2 12-01_Fatback107-40 12-01_Fatback107-55 12-01_Fatback107-56 12-01_Fatback107-59 12-01_Fatback107-67 12-01_Fatback107-70 12-01_Fatback107-72 12-01_Fatback107-76 12-01_Fatback107-84 12-01_Fatback107-81 12-01_Fatback107-86 12-01_Fatback107-90 12-01_Fatback107-96 12-01_Fatback107-103 12-01_Fatback107-117 12-01_Fatback107-104 12-01_Fatback107-104 12-01_Fatback107-118 12-01_Fatback107-127 12-01_Fatback107-148 12-01_Fatback107-159 12-01_Fatback107-164 12-01_Fatback107-177 12-01_Fatback107-178 12-01_Fatback107-188 12-01_Fatback107-206 12-01_Fatback107-220 12-01_Fatback107-271 12-01_Fatback107-278 12-01_Fatback107-296 12-01_Fatback107-295 12-01_Fatback107-304 12-01_Fatback107-309 12-01_Fatback107-315 12-01_Fatback107-346 12-01_Fatback107-348 12-01_Fatback107-373 12-01_Fatback107-399 12-01_Fatback107-400 12-01_Fatback107-3 12-01_Fatback107-7 12-01_Fatback107-408 12-01_Fatback107-409 12-01_Fatback107-8 12-01_Fatback107-466 12-01_Fatback107-468 12-01_Fatback107-9 12-01_Fatback107-11 12-01_Fatback107-498 12-01_Fatback107-493 12-01_Fatback107-13 12-01_Fatback107-16 12-01_Fatback107-506 12-01_Fatback107-502 12-01_Fatback107-17 12-01_Fatback107-31 12-01_Fatback107-33 12-01_Fatback107-7-2 12-01_Fatback107-19 12-01_Fatback107-22 12-01_Fatback107-48 12-01_Fatback107-49 12-01_Fatback107-77 12-01_Fatback107-79 12-01_Fatback107-87 12-01_Fatback107-88 12-01_Fatback107-97 12-01_Fatback107-105 12-01_Fatback107-151 12-01_Fatback107-176 12-01_Fatback107-314 12-01_Fatback107-326 12-01_Fatback107-340 12-01_Fatback107-391 12-01_Fatback107-421 12-01_Fatback107-10

and some more by Farrah:

IMG_6679 IMG_6725 IMG_6739 IMG_6677 IMG_6694 IMG_6719 IMG_6693 IMG_6691 IMG_6676 IMG_6671 IMG_6670 IMG_6663 IMG_6659 IMG_6737 IMG_6736 IMG_6731 IMG_6730 IMG_6726 IMG_6722 IMG_6711 IMG_6673 IMG_6675 IMG_6668