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all photos: Aditya Banerjee
all words: Cale

Oh Family Hemerlein, how I’ve missed you.  Your sweet melodies, your charming decor, your flying dog beer that flows like wine, and of course your poop jokes and n-words.  BYT’s inimitable variety show hath returned after a short hiatus where your handsome musical host Matthew Hemerlein and his hair were traveling throughout Asia most likely getting more pussy than you an I have in a lifetime, while your kind of odd looking, but way funnier host Seaton Smith was moving to NYC.  Thankfully they both made it back home again for another magical night at the Gibson Guitar Showroom.

DSC_1338 DSC_1327

Afterward we all agreed, this was one of the best Family Hemerlein’s we’ve thrown yet.  The sold out crowd completely cleaned out the bar before the show even began, yet did not unravel into a drunken heckling stumbling mess of an audience during the show. Good job!


The rapt masses were graced with the gorgeous musical stylings of the aforementioned Hemerlein along with Jeremy Teter on the keys, an intensely intense performance of intensity by rap electro bad ass Kokayi, a frighteningly good stand up set by Brian Parise, who showed off why we’ve been trying to book him for months, and of course Seaton proving once again why moving to NYC was the right professional move. SAD BUT HAPPY FOR YOU FACE


Granted we’re biased since we put this show on, but seriously folks, you can not find a better entertainment value for $15. Stay tuned, we’ll be doing this again, and thanks for coming and thanks to our sponsors vitaminwater, Gibson, Tito’s Vodka, and Flying Dog.

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