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all photos: Julia Benton

Another Family Hemerlein, another night for the ages. After a couple of months packed with testosterone (albeit, very talented testosterone) we went into girlie overdrive and booked only female guests and well, as anticipated, they killed it.

  • Natalia Clavier’s voice is like sugar soaked in milk wrapped in honey and dipped in dulce de leche: sweet, utterly craveable and it sticks with you for ever
  • Sara Schaefer’s pizza dance (you had to be there) and memories of how things have changed (“Last time I was single, you didn’t have a cell phone to get a dude- just had to stick around a guy’s dorm room until everyone else left and “bam”) were on point, relatable and just the right kind of awkward so that they are also hilarious. The lady has one Emmy, and she’ll probably have more.
  • Brooke Van Poppelen, aka the patron saint(ess?) of Family Hemerlein comedy was back for the 3rd time (and we’ll have her back for the 4th and the 40th) and, we’re happy to report, still single (“I’ve started to refer to my private parts as “my good china”. Just something I keep clean and take out every once in a while when I have company”) and still the #1 comedian you want to be bestest friends with around.

The boy hosts, Seaton Smith and Matthew Hemerlein held their own pretty well too as very talented, very handsome men can, with some help from Jeremy Teter on the (always tickled) ivories and Kiran Gandhi on the drums.

We laughed, we cried, we even talked about cats, and everyone group hugged at the end. SEE YOU ALL NEXT MONTH! Now-enjoy Julia’s amazing photos:

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