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Photos By Nicholas Karlin

Jonny Grave brought his bi-annual Black Cat extravaganza to the main stage on Friday night. Jonny Grave and the Tombstones shared the stage with Oh He Dead and Derek Evry and the Rhythm Section while Whiskey Joy and Gigi Holliday occupied the side stage and Jenn Tisdale hosted.

The show was entitled Equinox. It’s named that because it’s about to be spring. It’s going to snow tonight. Happy Equinox!

Jonny Grave and The Tombstones

Jonny Grave And The Tombstones-10Jonny Grave And The Tombstones-3Jonny Grave And The Tombstones-4Jonny Grave And The Tombstones-5Jonny Grave And The Tombstones-6Jonny Grave And The Tombstones-7Jonny Grave And The Tombstones-8Jonny Grave And The Tombstones-12Jonny Grave And The Tombstones-14Jonny Grave And The Tombstones-15Jonny Grave And The Tombstones-16Jonny Grave And The Tombstones-18Jonny Grave And The Tombstones-19Jonny Grave And The Tombstones-20Jonny Grave And The Tombstones-22Jonny Grave And The Tombstones-23Jonny Grave And The Tombstones-25

Whiskey Joy

Whiskey Joy-3Whiskey Joy-4Whiskey Joy-5Whiskey Joy-7Whiskey Joy-8Whiskey Joy-9Whiskey Joy-10Whiskey Joy-1Whiskey Joy-2

Oh He Dead

Oh He Dead-1Oh He Dead-2Oh He Dead-3Oh He Dead-4Oh He Dead-5Oh He Dead-6Oh He Dead-7Oh He Dead-8

Gigi Holliday

Gigi Holliday-1Gigi Holliday-2Gigi Holliday-3Gigi Holliday-4Gigi Holliday-5Gigi Holliday-6Gigi Holliday-7Gigi Holliday-8

Derek Evry and the Rhythm Section

Derek Evry and the Rhythm Section-1Derek Evry and the Rhythm Section-2Derek Evry and the Rhythm Section-3

Jenn Tisdale

Jenn Tisdale-2Jenn Tisdale-4Jenn Tisdale-5Jenn Tisdale-1