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all photos: Chris Chen

By all means, (e)merge art fair was a success this past weekend. One can only speak of any kind of art experience from a personal stand-point but the combination of art on show at the Capitol Skyline (representing artists and galleries from 21 countries), the performance art ( Jon Fischer from City Paper noted how he saw more performance art in a weekend than he has in almost a decade in DC, and I have to agree with him), parties (the opening night drew 1400+ people to the hotel) and insider access provided for artists, gallerists and press to some of this fall’s most anticipated shows made this past weekend feel like DC was ready for a good, well curated art fair.

As further proof of this, we’re happy to announce that (e)merge art fair has been renewed for 2012. As Leigh Conner (of Conner Contemporary and one of the organizers alongside Jamie Smith, Helen Allen and Mera Rubell) noted: “We start working on next year next week”. We, for one, can’t wait.

Below, you’ll find a smattering of photos by Chris from throughout the weekend: from performances to the Saturday night block party to the shows in the building … a small reminder of everything you saw and everything you didn’t want to miss. See you all next year:

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