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All words + photos: Kevin Hulse

Summer, for some, has begun after their year at High School or College.  As for me, taking photos at the Electric Daisy Carnival was the start of summer. And what a start it was.

The name of this particular festival implies just what it says.  Daisies could be seen ostentatiously sewn onto the apparel of attendees, some fistpumpers clutched actual daisies when they threw their hands in the air and jumped up and down to the wobbly-wubs. Electric breaks and tweaks filled the summer air.  And a Carnival? Very much so.  Street performers and odd characters lined the festival grounds, as did ferris wheels and bumper cars and other rides.

The festival was new to East Rutherford, N.J.,  held inside MetLife stadium within its parking lots.  Electric Daisy Carnival began in Southern California from 1997 to 2010, then moved to Las Vegas in 2011 and now, and this yea it’s in both Las Vegas and N.J. this year.

I unfortunately was unable to make it to Friday or Sunday’s line up, but Saturday was intense regardless.  Calvin Harris was one of the particular festival favorites.  Obviously playing his hits like “Feel So Close” and “We Found Love”, his collab with Rihanna.  Another act that stood out to me was Cazzette, a swedish DJ duo that wore giant Cassette tapes over their heads.  All performed on the main stage called “KineticFIELD”.

Steve Angello, 1/3 of Swedish House Mafia (Thanks Andy Johnson), closed out the CosmicMEADOW stage.  Inside, the stadium was packed out.

All in all, the festival was successful and, from what I saw, safe.  Over 100,000 people attended the festival. Here’s a few hundred/thousand of their faces:
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