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all words and photos: Ben Droz

When I first saw the event posting, I had no idea what was in store for an event called “Drag, Beer, and Opera”, but was expecting some type of drag performance that included drunken singing. In fact, I could not have been more wrong. The title of the event was to intrigue, not to inform.

The event was held in a to be opened retail/condo space right at the corner of Florida and U street. Still unfurnished, the space had an Art-O-Matic feel, especially when we walked in to see a DJ and painted canvases on the walls.
The event was a collaboration between the retail space and the Pink Line project, an arts initiative that hosts all types of events aimed at bringing artists together and creativity to the forefront.
Local art adorned the walls as free beer and cheetos were offered courtesy of Pink Line (well, free with donation, of course). A creative crowd mingled as a single drag queen justified the outrageous title. It was a good time; part retail development, part art opening, but most of all, a good time.

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