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Friday night at Rock ‘n Roll hotel, DJ Chris Burns brought his “A” game, disco extraordinare was in effect. As the hotel plays host to those ready and willing to venture beyond the manicured confines of northwest DC, Disco City is also out of the ordinary, featuring a host of (’70s?) electronica, things you’ve maybe never heard but yet pops with a sound that is instantly recognizable. The dance party was definitely contagious, as patrons get down, I try to capture the magic that is Disco City.

See all my pictures from Friday night: Dakota Fine on flickr…

08_3.07_DiscoCity-28 08_3.07_DiscoCity-32

James makes his “oh” face. Oh, oh, oh, oh.

08_3.07_DiscoCity-34 08_3.07_DiscoCity-35

Fur hoodie, meet suckface, niiiiice to meet you…


Yes, we are all turned off by extreme PDA, exhibit A & B.

08_3.07_DiscoCity-3 08_3.07_DiscoCity-9

Camp Piomingo??? Damn, son, wasn’t that a show on Nickelodeon back in the day?

08_3.07_DiscoCity-15 08_3.07_DiscoCity-11

08_3.07_DiscoCity-17 08_3.07_DiscoCity-24


08_3.07_DiscoCity-21 08_3.07_DiscoCity-18

08_3.07_DiscoCity-33 08_3.07_DiscoCity-37