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Dine-N-Dash (AKA the best night of the year AKA the official BYT employee retreat AKA Christmas in June) snuck into D.C. like a thief in the night and left our stomachs full (because of the food), our brains cloudy (because of the drinks) and our hearts happy (because we know all the money raised is going straight to World Central Kitchen).

It’s wild to imagine that between feeding people D.C. and Puerto Rico and Haiti and Venezuela and Mozambique and California, the folks at World Central Kitchen had the time to plan one of the best annual food events in the city, but year after year they pull it off.

If you want to relive your Dine-N-Dash memories, keep scrolling for our excellent shots (and some great black mail photos of the BYT team). If you didn’t get a chance to go this year, but still want to help out WCK, you can donate to them right here. Feeling all of the FOMO? Hold on tight. It’ll be back next year.

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