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Photos by Nicholas Karlin and Clarissa Villondo

Our favorite food related event of the year, Dine-N-Dash came back with a vengeance. It’s the only food party in D.C. that pushes you to eat an insane amount of food while also enticing you to exercise by running around the city to find even more food. It’s fun as hell, and it doesn’t hurt that all of our favorite restaurants are involved.

Of course, it’s not just a night celebrating hedonism, Dine-N-Dash benefits World Central Kitchen, a charity that aims to find a solution to food insecurity. It’s a fantastic organization that allows us to feel a little better about the insane amount of eating we did that night. And boy did we eat. And drink. From negroni’s at Denson (which is our new favorite spot), ramen at Bantam King, tacos at Oyamel and glass after glass of wine at Proof, we’re honestly a little embarrassed to admit it, but we’re not at all embarrassed to recommend you buy tickets as soon as they’re available next year. Seriously. Set some calendar reminders and get your credit card ready. Dine-N-Dash is one of our favorite nights of the year for a reason. It’s just that good.

And if our words are convincing, take a stroll through these photos.

Dine and Dash 2017-9Dine and Dash 2017-35Dine and Dash 2017-37Dine and Dash 2017-33Dine and Dash 2017-36Dine and Dash 2017-38Dine and Dash 2017-32Dine and Dash 2017-30Dine and Dash 2017-34Dine and Dash 2017-31Dine and Dash 2017-29Dine and Dash 2017-25Dine and Dash 2017-24Dine and Dash 2017-23Dine and Dash 2017-21Dine and Dash 2017-20

Dine and Dash 2017-40Dine and Dash 2017-39Dine and Dash 2017-41Dine and Dash 2017-43Dine and Dash 2017-42Dine and Dash 2017-47Dine and Dash 2017-45Dine and Dash 2017-46Dine n DashDine and Dash 2017-44Dine and Dash 2017-49Dine and Dash 2017-53Dine and Dash 2017-52Dine and Dash 2017-51Dine and Dash 2017-50Dine and Dash 2017-48Dine and Dash 2017-54Dine and Dash 2017-55Dine n DashDine and Dash 2017-3Dine and Dash 2017-2Dine and Dash 2017-1Dine and Dash 2017-7Dine and Dash 2017-5Dine and Dash 2017-4Dine and Dash 2017-10Dine and Dash 2017-12Dine and Dash 2017-13Dine and Dash 2017-11Dine and Dash 2017-19Dine and Dash 2017-17Dine and Dash 2017-14

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Dine n DashDine n DashDine and Dash 2017-6Dine and Dash 2017-18