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Devotchka Photos: Joel Didriksen
Basia Bulat Photos: Rachel Eisley

While I am 100% certain this show was absolutely fantastic (I am a big fan of both bands/acts and was super glad we got to interview Basia last week) none of our writers went.
So, no words.
Just pretty photos.

And an NPR Stream.

If you did go-share memories NOW.

First up….Basia
(see full set here)

IMG_9957 IMG_9951 IMG_9934 IMG_9936 IMG_9939 IMG_9983 IMG_9987 IMG_9845 IMG_9826 IMG_9852 IMG_9794 IMG_9814 IMG_9933 IMG_9929 IMG_9940 IMG_9784 IMG_9804 IMG_9792 IMG_9805IMG_9816 IMG_9869

and then Devotchka courtesy of Joel

Devotchka  IMG_2357 Devotchka  IMG_2356 Devotchka  IMG_2341 Devotchka  IMG_2250 Devotchka  IMG_2237 Devotchka  IMG_2331 Devotchka  IMG_2265 Devotchka  IMG_2103 Devotchka  IMG_2259 Devotchka  IMG_2292 Devotchka  IMG_2059 Devotchka  IMG_2014 Devotchka  IMG_1976 Devotchka  _MG_3713 Devotchka  IMG_1970 Devotchka  IMG_1993 Devotchka  IMG_2132 Devotchka  IMG_2147 Devotchka  IMG_2158 Devotchka  IMG_2025

Devotchka  IMG_2319