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Words – Rachel
Pictures – Lindsey

Better late than never. Two weekends ago Phase 1 hosted a DC Kings show with a lineup of kings, queens, and everything in between. The ever loquacious Andy Roginous and the smooth-as-velvet Rocky were our hosts for a night of celebration, dance, and copious one dollar bills.


The night’s songs spanned the full range of genres. Sunset performed some Whitney that made even the toughest butches in the crowd shed a tear. Our host Rocky brought us to our knees with his spot-on gospel. Cameron Obscura donned a golf cap and tweed and went topical with a rendition of the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies’ “Swingin’ with Tiger Woods”. The wild and sexy Ms. Pooh didn’t care to leave her pleather cape zipped up for long as she treated us to a Lil’ Kim medley.

It was a night to celebrate the birthday of the gorgeous, voluptuous Vicious. Devon warmed up the vocal chords and turned on the mic for a birthday love ballad, we all sang a drunken Stevie Wonder birthday dedication, and Vicious gladly obliged the audience with her best booty shakin in a sheer number I’d guess is usually reserved for the bedroom.

Other highlights included Dre, who had us crawling at his feet as he channeled the musical stylings of Chris Brown (keeping it PG, of course), Gunner Fist and their rendition of Kings of Leon, guitar and all, and Kuriosity getting freaky with his best Rick James, BITCH.

Crowd favorite Oohzee rounded out the show, leaving little to the audience’s imagination in a silver, skin-tight, ultra hot performance best described as acrobatic.

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DC Kings will be performing on Saturday, January 30 at Town Danceboutique for a benefit concert. 21+, $15 cover, with $10 of the ticket price going to the Mautner Project from 7 – 11 pm.